Welcome to Training Logs: one workout from each month laid out bare.


T.L. Jan 19: Speed and Power plus Recovery

This workout was developed to build speed and power in the legs. The structure is simple but the effect is deadly: 15 rounds of powerful, lower-dominant  movements performed at maximal capacity for 30 seconds with 90 seconds of rest in between.

In this instance—following a generous warmup—I alternated my sets between jump rope patterns (consecutive double unders and max-speed high-knees) and non-rope patterns (jumping trap bar squats and assault bike sprints). This also balances unilateral and bilateral leg work, and all movements include upper body participation.

  1. Rope: Consecutive double unders (Min. 30)
  2. Jumping trap bar squats (12 reps)
  3. Rope: Explosive high-knees (Max speed)
  4. Jumping trap bar squats
  5. Rope: Consecutive double unders
  6. Jumping trap bar squats
  7. Rope: Explosive high-knees
  8. Jumping trap bar squats
  9. Rope: Consecutive double unders
  10. Air bike sprints (Goal: 9 W/Kg)
  11. Rope: Explosive high-knees
  12. Air bike sprints
  13. Rope: Consecutive double unders
  14. Air bike sprints
  15. Rope: Explosive high-knees

Heart rate should reach 90%+ seconds into the effort and sustain that level until the set ends. Lower heart rate as much as possible during rest periods. Afterward, stretch liberally.